Reading the Cards

tarot cards have a long history as instruments of divination. They were first used as playing cards in the 15th century, particularly in Europe. It was not until the 18th century when tarot cards were used for divination readings and cartomancy. It was during this period and later era when cards were carefully chosen to create custom decks specifically for the readings as they are performed today.

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How are Tarot Cards Used?

Tarot cards are used for two types of readings: open and question readings. Open readings are used when you need guidance but not necessarily to help you take action for a specific problem. It is merely a request to help you with what you need to know the most. Question readings, on the other hand, are made to address a specific question. 

For Tarot card readings, the cards are shuffled and arranged in a certain spread. Some of the most commonly used spreads are:

3 Fates. This is one of several spreads using three cards. In this spread, each of which represents the past, the present, and the future. 

Celtic Cross. Consists of 10 cards. They are used to represent different elements, such as personal fears and hopes, past, present, and future influences, and challenging influences.

Love. Consists of 6 cards that are used for evaluating the relevance of your relationship/s. This spread seeks to find guidance regarding your mental, emotional, and spiritual connections, usually with a partner. 

Tetraktys. Consists of 10 cards that help you see into your general state as an individual. 

Astrological. Consists of 13 cards arranged in three vertical lines with 3 cards in the middle and 5 cards each on the sides. The cards represent the astrological houses. This spread is often used for open readings.

Planetary. Consists of 8 cards arranged in a diamond pattern. This spread is used for question readings. The cards represent the self, home, business/skills, love, opposition, intellect, and finance/wealth. The last card is for the query.

Relationship. Consists of 9 cards that are used to explore your relationships. This is a query spread that seeks to obtain insights about your connection with others.

Can Tarot Cards Tell the Future?

Whilst some practitioners do use tarot cards for foretelling events, the traditional use for the cards is usually for guidance. Those who use the cards for this purpose interpret the appearance and position of the cards to determine a course of action. 

However, the use of tarot cards as a form of divination remains popular. The cards do not foretell specific situations or events. Instead, they are used to gauge and assess potential outcomes. Tarot card readers may also use the cards to evaluate the elements and influences that surround a person or persons, events, situations, decisions, etc. 

Can Tarot Cards Guarantee Results?

A tarot card reading is meant to provide you with guidance on certain decisions you may have to make. Once you have information from the reading, it is your choice whether to act on the information right away or do further research to arrive at the best possible course of action.